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KARLO: unser Polymerisationsgerät für EUKITT 4400 und Technovit 7200

KARLO – our polymerisation unit

for EUKITT 4400 und Technovit 7200

KARLO is the low-priced polymerisation unit for light-polymerising plastics. Depending on the plastic, the lights can be easily exchanged. Karlo has 4 slots for light sources and an integrated timer. The unit switches off after the polymerisation time has been reached.

Due to the integrated air cooler, the temperature always remains within the desired range. The maximum temperature can be set by the user. The embedding moulds are simply inserted into the drawer. Special embedding moulds are not necessary.

Good to know

The infiltration and polymerisation times can be found here: Dewatering and infiltration


Our light-curing embedding resin for the separating thin section technique

EUKITT 4400 is ideally suited for the cut-thin technique. Very brittle, little odour, transparent and fast curing. The small 500ml bottles are unbreakable and light. It consists of only one component and is therefore easy to use.

You can find the application information here: Embedding with EUKITT 4400