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Bild der Handsäge »Cut-ty knife«

Cut-ty knife: diamond handsaw

Our Cut-ty knife hand saw is equipped with a diamond band saw blade with a thickness of 0.4mm: This makes them the ideal tool for cuts that cannot be processed on a stationary diamond band saw. In addition, our hand saws are characterised by low cutting loss, the avoidance of chipping and micro-fractures as well as a lack of gating.

The hand saws are suitable for cutting small implants and can be transported without any problems!

Logo der Handsäge "Cut-ty"

Technical data

Length230 mm
Height80 mm
Handsaw blade130 x 6 x 0,4 mm; Körnung D151


  • Art. no. 501009 //  cut-ty knife
  • Art. no. 501010  // Replacement handsaw blade 0,4 D 151