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Bild: dia-plus Diamantfluid Typ A

dia-plus fluid – thinner for our diamond pastes

What actually is fluid?

A mixture of liquids adapted to the solubility and miscibility of diamond pastes.

Some jobs require sparing dilution of the dia-plus diamond pastes. These include, for example, work on hard lapping and polishing workpieces such as brass, copper or Plexiglas, which require a stable smear layer in which the diamond particles can roll off perfectly but do not agglomerate.

The dia-plus fluid has been specially developed for this dilution. It can be appalcoholic mixture, miscible with alcohol and water in any ratiolied with a dosing syringe (available in every pharmacy) or, in case of large-area addition, by means of our utility model protected one-hand sprayer. When polishing with felts, cloth rounds, etc., our diamond pastes should not be diluted, as otherwise the performance is reduced, the polishing time is prolonged and the risk of relief formation (orange peel) on the workpiece is increased.

Bild: Verdünner

We offer the following versions:

Type AAlcoholic mixture, miscible with alcohol and water in any ratio
Type OHigh purity mineral oil blend with low viscosity

Packaging units:

  • 125 ml Dropper bottle
  • 125 ml One-hand sprayer
  • 1.000 ml Dropper bottle
  • 5.000 ml Canister