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Bild: Diamantsuspensionen tropft aus einer Flasche

liqui-plus diamond suspensions

What is a diamond suspension?

A mixture of diamond, as an abrasive substance, and a liquid, i.e. solid and liquid, whose properties achieve an optimum result.

The following overview is intended to help you find the diamond suspension that best suits your machining purpose.

If you have any questions: just contact us – we will be happy to advise you!

All our diamond pastes are suitable for the common tool steels. The decisive factor for the selection is the level of diamond concentration – this determines the quality of the polish.

Good to know

Under the registered trademark liqui-plus, we produce high-quality diamond suspensions for a wide range of applications such as laboratory use and machine lapping and polishing. Here, too, the following applies: We only process first-quality diamond grit sizes from natural diamonds, synthetic monocrystals and synthetic polycrystals – no portions from the recovery of grinding tools already in use.

Bild: Diamantsuspension ACTIVE

We have the following bindings in our range

Type A dia-plus
  • Alcoholic bond with very low viscosity
  • This version is not suitable for machine use
Type DP dia-plus
  • An alcoholic bond with high viscosity
  • This type forms a consistently good lubricating film
Type W dia-plus
  • An aqueous bond with high purity and low viscosity
Type O dia-plus
  • Oil-based bond
  • In the standard version with low viscosity, but this can be adapted for you.
  • A very good lubricating film, high chip performance and very good corrosion protection are given.

You can choose between three application areas

Suspensions for the laboratory
  • Two grades: PURE and RICH (differ in diamond concentrations, see scale).
  • Natural diamond
  • DP bond: miscible with alcohol and water
  • All grit sizes available
  • VPE: 100 mL or 500 mL dropper bottle
  • Advantage: very high concentration of diamond particles for superior removal performance even on small machining surfaces
Suspensions for toolmaking
  • Two grades: DIRECT and ACTIVE (differ in diamond concentrations, see scale).
  • Synthetic diamond
  • Choice between A or O bond
  • All grit sizes available
  • VPE: 100 mL or 250 mL dropper bottle
  • Advantage: Perfect for removal of mould debris, fast release of the diamond
Suspensions for the lapping machines
  • Two grades: POWER and ENERGY
  • Choice between mono- and polycrystalline diamond
  • Choice between W or O bond
  • All grit sizes available
  • VPE: 1 L dropper bottle (larger VPE on request, e.g. 5 L canister)
  • As a low diamond content is often sufficient for many machining tasks, we can lower the concentration according to your requirements and thus offer you a tailor-made product
Die Konzentrationsskala Diamantsuspensionen